Last Updated :
January 2, 2022

Get Listed on Google My Business: 3 Tips and Tricks

Written by
Leigh Trask

Google My Business is a local business directory, one of the most important local search directories which ranks high on Google's first page.

Your Google Business Profile listing is a very powerful tool to rank higher on local searches and increase your local customer base.

According to research by Bright local 86% of customers said that they have discovered local businesses from local search.

So local seo is very important to increase local customers.

Creating your Google Business Profile will help you get indexed quicker on Google local search results and generate more local leads. But what are the best practices to make the most out of your listing?

Well, here's a quick 3 step guide that will ensure that you get local seo right and get listed on Google local.

1. Optimize Your Business' Description

The first thing to do is add a complete and optimized business description because this will help your local listing rank better in local search results.

Use the following guidelines while filling up the details:

- Include good relevant information about your local business

- Use local keywords for local search.  Your local seo is very important since local business rank high on local searches, so it's advisable to use local keywords.

- Include your business name, address and phone number (NAP) in the description at least twice.  Be sure that you use the official NAP.

2. Add Photos and Videos

Adding photos will increase local seo for local business because local customers love visuals, so it's important to include them in your listing.

Adding well taken high-res product/service photos will help local customers understand what you offer better.  Add at least 5 photos about your local business.

Adding local video content such as local testimonials, local product demos and local interesting news related to your industry is also a great idea.  You can upload local videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Get 5 Reviews on Google

Getting local reviews on Google My Business is very important since they will help you rank better in local searches.

There are companies that offer local review generation service,  but you can also manage local reviews from your local Google+ Page.  In the local dashboard click on 'view local reviews', here's a quick guide .

Ensure that you respond each time a local customer leaves a review with a thank you note and a promise to improve.

To generate local reviews you can also offer local loyalty reward programs or local discounts, but keep in mind that local customers value local reviews more than any other form of local promotion.

Now that you know 3 tips and tricks to get listed on Google My Business, it's time for your turn to take action!

A great local seo campaign will help local businesses generate more local customers and grow their local business.

If you need local seo for local customers, don't hesitate to contact us .

We'll make sure that your local business ranks first in local search results and generates quality local leads.

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